Hello and thanks for visiting us at EU Monitr, I’m David, the Founder and Director.

After years in the EU policy and public affairs sector I became frustrated with available monitoring solutions. We all need to do it but it is complicated and very time consuming. A thorough monitoring exercise requires about a day of research per week and the commercially available solutions are expensive and run by people with no expertise in the subject matter.

In the absence of my desired monitoring tool, I decided to build it myself and that’s how EU Monitr was born.

How we work

Constant monitoring

Every day our automated systems track hundreds of EU, health and pharma related websites, databases, news feeds and twitter accounts. All this information is saved in our database.

Intelligent filtering

We operate several layers of filtering; firstly through our IT systems and then by our experts. This means that we cut out the noise and identify only the most relevant data.

Custom reports

Our experts curate customised reports for each of our clients according to their interests and target keywords. We email you the report every Friday morning.